The divine qualities, the blessings and virtues, which are our very being, can bring about the changes we all so desire upon this planet. As we let go internally of all that conceals them and doesn’t serve us, our outer world aligns with harmony, abundance and peace. In this higher state of being, we’re told that we can create anything and everything we can imagine, for the highest good.

SaluSa on February 1, 2013, channeled through Mike Quinsey, says we’re already victorious:

 “We are naturally aware of the ever growing demand for the Prosperity funds to be issued, the announcement of Disclosure and the bringing about of peace. Be assured they will be satisfied before long, and arrangements are well advanced. Your joy and happiness will abound in due course as deep down you know that you are already victorious.
“For you time has speeded up yet in some ways it also seems to be dragging its feet, and you start to become anxious or impatient. Please keep your eyes firmly on the future, and remember that most of you are in an advantaged position to know more certainly of what is taking place.” (1)

On An Hour with an Angel, January 28, Archangel Michael yet again reminds us how important our inner work of anchoring the blessings and virtues is:

“As you know . . . if you focus on the blessings and virtues, if you focus on the divine qualities, then you are ensuring and becoming the truth of what you wish to experience and co-create in what you think of — and I emphasize the word “think” — as the material world. Because, really, what is the material world? Most of it is an illusion anyway. It is simply a collection of atoms, of energy, that you are formulating into what you believe is solid form.” (2)

The Divine Realm says our outer world is mostly an illusion. Therefore letting go of all that does not serve us, all that is not of love, is fundamental to the transformation of the planet. In an explanation of the Law of Manifestation, Cosmic Awareness through Will Berlinghof states:

“Awareness outlines things simply, that our subconscious mind is perhaps our biggest asset and also our biggest saboteur.  Until it is cleared, healed, and brought under control, it can surreptitiously undermine our conscious manifestation efforts.  One may believe they truly desire or are deserving of a particular manifestation consciously, but deep down, they do not feel worthy.” (3)

Lack of worthiness is a major issue on the planet. Archangel Michael in his radio interview also reminds us of the importance of detaching from all that doesn’t serve us, all that doesn’t feel of love and attaching to truth and our higher purpose:

“It is about detachment. Again, not one of the more popular words. But it is about detaching from expectations and attaching to the only reality that is truth, and that is the love and the unfoldment of love and the anchoring into form, during this lifetime upon your planet, upon this magnificent Gaia. Because the lessons, the teachings, the experience that you are gathering and garnering are also the template throughout the multiverse.”   (4)

Archangel Michael says that the abundance of Gaia will be available when we break through our beliefs of lack and limitation and anchor in the new:

“The belief — and this is why there is what you think of as lack of financial support, and that will come forward — but the belief that you cannot do something because you do not have money is being eradicated. What you are doing is breaking through that belief system to the belief system and the knowing, the anchoring that the abundance of Gaia, of all her wealth, of all her resources and far beyond, is absolutely available to you. So the hindrance of what you have thought of as external support — because most of you think of money and finances as external support — you are breaking through that.

“You are here to anchor the new, the new ideas, the new paradigms, the new emphasis on the building of community and voice for the community, of priorities for sharing and equality, the elimination of homelessness, for example. And social welfare programs that keep everybody trapped in poverty.” (5)

In his book, Out of This World, author Neville Goddard says our world will dissolve and reshape as we change our concept of ourselves :

“To attempt to change the world before we change our concept of ourselves is to struggle against the nature of things. . . As within, so without. . . To protest against anything which happens to us is to protest against the law of our being and our rulership over our own destiny. . . There is nothing to change but our concept of self. As soon as we succeed in transforming self, our world will dissolve and reshape itself into harmony with that which our change affirms.” (6)

As we continue to anchor the divine qualities within, they never cease to grow and expand, within and without as Archangel Michael explained on the January 28th radio show:

“Each of those divine qualities never ceases growing and expanding, both within you and as it expands within you, within your planet, upon your planet, and also within your planet, and within your galaxy, and within your universe. So the ripple effect is infinite.” (7)

And so with this infinite ripple effect in mind, AAM urges us to celebrate the new with love on February 14th, Nova Earth Day:

“It is a celebration of the new, it is a celebration of the divine qualities, and it is a celebration of love. There are many on this side, particularly the Council of Love, that are finally joyous that this is being acknowledged. It has been a day of love for a long time, but not in the true universal sense.

“It is a day to throw open your arms and say to strangers — and the stranger the better — ‘I regard you with infinite consideration and love. I wish to be part of your life in unity and community, and I wish for you, dear stranger, to join with me in creating a bountiful, prosperous, abundant, co-creative Earth.'” (8)

Even the Heavenletter #4450 January 30, 2013 gives us the same encouragement:
“Life is coming up roses! Do you feel it? Do you feel roses rife in life right around the corner? This thought makes you happy, doesn’t it? Well, then, keep thinking it. Who can feel down-hearted thinking of life coming up roses? And love coming up roses, too! The whole world, personal and universal, is coming up roses! A special delivery is on its way to you and to the person next to you and across from you. This is a universal special delivery.” (9)
Allowing the roses of the divine qualities to bloom within us will bring us abundance, peace, and harmony. They are what will transform this world from a place of suffering to a place of fulfilment. For our part, we need to let go of the old and throw the doors of our hearts open to the new, to a new spring for the planet, for Nova Gaia.


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