The Building and Restoration of Hope Within the Human Community

  • Joy

    To be fully thankful, grateful and one with the gift of life purpose and spirit. To be a reflection of the perfection of the creation of self and all. To live in and remain with the heart for all time.

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  • Peace

    Peace is the cry of the soul, the song of the spirit. Peace is the natural condition of the world, the place to which all things return.
    Everything yearns for peace and everything rests in peace. Peace is the
    place to which this world journeys. Nothing can stop it from reaching
    and realizing peace.

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  • Abundance

    “We are naturally aware of the ever growing demand for the Prosperity funds to be issued, the announcement of Disclosure and the bringing about of peace. Be assured they will be satisfied before long, and arrangements are well advanced. Your joy and happiness will abound in due course as deep down you know that you are already victorious."

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