In Linda Dillon’s book, The Great Awakening, one of the Thirteen Blessings and Virtues is joy. Linda describes what joy is and how it functions in life.


Linda Dillon
Linda Dillon
“Joy: To be fully thankful, grateful and one with the gift of life purpose and spirit. To be a reflection of the perfection of the creation of self and all. To live in and remain with the heart for all time.”


“Joy is Gratitude and Gratitude is a frequency in the Universe.”

“It is the key that turns the lock springing open the door into the future of our becoming.”

Gratitude, Linda says, is founded on the idea of acceptance, faith and spiritual alignment and it’s magnetic to abundance and prosperity.

Shamanic practitioner Christina Mahler was shown in a recent shamanic journey that the abundance of the universe is always flowing. She was shown the barriers to abundance that the mind puts up and what abundance looks like in actuality. She describes it here:

“It’s like water flowing downhill. It seeks pathways, openings through which it can pour. If one is open and aligned to this abundance (you can use the analogy of a polarized bar of metal, magnetized to attract abundance) then the abundance will flow in that direction. If it encounters a blocked opening, it will simply flow past and seek another route.


Linda Dillon
Christina Mahler
“My spirit guides told me that they were like a probiotic in my consciousness. They wanted to move through my consciousness and remove anything and everything that was not in alignment with Abundance. This took a bit of time.”

Her guides brought her out of the matrix of the mind and showed her the actuality of Abundance in the universe.

“When this was finished, they brought me up and out of the ego-mind matrix (my term) to a whole different place in my consciousness. It was like a forgotten world…someplace I used to know about but had locked away securely with lock and key. In this place, I was allowed to see and feel—to totally experience—the Abundance of the universe.

“I saw the Divine swirling around, a flowing and never-ceasing generation of love—and was told (or reminded) that in this place, there is no concept of lack or need. No money, no food, nothing needed to sustain us—absolutely NOTHING—but the love of God for us. I simply existed in this state….no striving, no doubts…..just the pure substance of love to support me.”

She was then returned to the matrix of the mind.

“I was then removed from this part of my consciousness (note: this is an inner state of being) and brought back into the ego-mind matrix. I was then worked on a bit further until I was fully aligned with Abundance.

“Later, I was engaged in an interesting conversation with the Divine Mind (for lack of a better term)…..I felt I was talking to a group. But it had a strong female quality to it. They informed me that this prison of lack, need, illness, death etc. is nothing more than a false construct of the mind. A self-created prison. No one has put us into this prison but ourselves—collectively. No illuminati, no cabal, no Annunaki—these are also just projections of our ego mind. We have done it to ourselves. And only we can take us out of this prison.”

What did Christina learn from this trip? She learned that:

“The Divine is quietly and lovingly and patiently waiting for us to discover that the prison door is wide open….we are the ones insisting it is shut and locked. They (the Divine) know with absolute certainty that we will get out…it is just a matter of ‘time’ (also a false construct of the mind).

“They were gently laughing at me. They said, ‘Christina, we have given you all the tools to find your way out of this mess …would you please pick them up and use them?!!!” You are gods—why don’t you start acting like them. You are magical, alchemical …. for goodness sake, use your imagination!!!! Stop being so afraid of your power and giving it away all the time.”

What is required from us?

“Vigilance and Diligence is required on our part.

“What is key is that we begin to know—collectively—that the Universe is ONLY abundance and that this is our birthright….we have the right to it. Not because someone has taken it from us, but because we have taken it from ourselves.

“The minute we blame someone else for our condition, we lose power. We must see that the situation is actually self-created (although the illusion would tell us otherwise—another ego trick).

“I was reminded that awareness is neutral but its effects are not. Whatever we focus upon expands. This is key. Focus on lack—it expands automatically. Focus on abundance—that expands. That is also universal law.”

The Council of Love through Linda Dillon says joy is the color of gold. How compatible with abundance!

By emanating the divine quality of joy, with gratitude for all abundance, within and without, above and below, we bring Nova Earth closer to our reality.


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